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About Camelback, AZ

Camelback has become a major name within the Phoenix era. It comes from Camelback Mountain in the Echo Canyon Recreation Area. The long, two-humped ridge looks as if a large camel is kneeling in the distance. The name is applied to major thoroughfare Camelback Road and the urban village of Camelback East.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the neighborhoods and economic development around Camelback Road. We will also touch on area history and the mountain itself.

Camelback Neighborhoods and Tourist Spots

Phoenix is composed of 15 urban villages, including Camelback East. The famous Camelback Road runs east to west about midway through this neighborhood.

The Phoenix Mountains Recreation Area sits at the northeast border. Piestewa Peak is second to Camelback Mountain, but it still achieves an elevation of 2,608 feet. The hike is considered challenging. It’s open until 11 p.m. due to the popularity of night hikes with the light colored stone and city lights for encouragement.

Papago Park forms part of its southeast border. It is home to the Desert Botanical Garden, the Phoenix Zoo, Papago Golf Club and the Hole in the Rock hiking areas.

Adjacent to Camelback East, the Arcadia neighborhood is a large area of private homes on large lots. Before it was developed, citrus farms dominated the area from 1919 to 1950s.

The Arizona Canal cuts through the area, and it takes a big natural drop at Arizona Falls. The falls are free to visit at G.R. Herberger Park on East Indian School Road.

Camelback Road

Running east to west through much of Phoenix, Camelback Road is known to many drivers who live or commute in the area. It starts in Scottsdale and continues until it passes through Glendale, Goodyear and Litchfield Park.

A recent, significant change for this major thoroughfare is the completion of a new practice facility at 44th Street and Camelback Road. It’s a home for the Phoenix Suns when they aren’t playing at the Footprint Arena.

Named a Phoenix point of pride, the Shemer Art Center and Museum is a cultural presence at 5005 Camelback Road. USA Today named it One of the 10 Best Museums in Phoenix. It certainly has an exciting location with Camelback Mountain as its backdrop.

Encanto Village is just beneath Camelroad between Highway 51 and I-10. This area is home to the famous Heard Museum. Honoring Native American art and culture, it has 12 galleries and an outdoor sculpture garden.

Businesses on this stretch of Camelback Road often serve Glendale and Scottsdale drivers due to the easy access. That’s how the Camelback Automall became a hub for so many different auto dealers. It’s easy to find from almost anywhere in the Phoenix metro area.

Camelback Mountain

The camel’s head is a 25-million-year-old red sedimentary sandstone. The humps are composed of 1.5-billion-year-old granite. This color difference adds to the feeling that this is a giant sleeping camel on the horizon. The tallest peak is 2,706 feet above sea level.

A mountain cave has revealed that it was a sacred site for the prehistoric Hohokam Culture. It certainly had significance to Native Americans of the region. The mountain was originally intended to be part of the Salt River Pima and Maricopa American Indian reservation.

However, a dispute over water rights in 1879 kept it from being protected. Area citizens recognized in the 1910s that development threatened the unique mountain. However, it took until 1968 to get Camelback Mountain designated a city park.

Now it’s a major destination for hikers and rock climbers. If you decide to visit, it is important to note that the trails are considered extremely difficult. Furthermore, parking is very limited at both the Cholla and Echo Canyon Trailheads.

Find the Best Luxury Cars at Camelback Automall

With so many new car dealerships, you can find the best of affordable and luxury cars in Phoenix and Scottsdale at the Camelback Automall.

By the way, it’s important to keep in mind when you are searching for Camelback dealerships that there are many dealerships on Camelback Road that don’t have the street name in their title. Earnhardt Lexus, for instance, is easy to find at 800 Camelback Road.


The Camelback Automall is very conveniently located. You can get to it from I-10 and travel north. From I-17, you are driving west. From the Piestewa Freeway (Highway 51), you are driving east. Street numbers go from 800 up to 1499.

New Cars

Test driving a new car is fun, and it’s important to do it before you purchase a car. With all of the dealerships along Camelback Road, you can go from a Lexus dealership to another luxury dealership and try out favorites back to back.

Financial advisors recommend that car shoppers drive more than one car before purchasing. Yet many don’t follow this advice. With all of our new car options, you could test drive five brands in one afternoon. That’s sure to help you make up your mind which one is right for you and your lifestyle.


Used cars are best when purchased from a dealership that has its own service center. That way you know that your purchase was inspected by true experts.

All of the new car dealerships have used car inventory that has been inspected by their mechanics. The certified pre owned models are the best deals in terms of age and mileage. You can drop in on multiple dealers and test drive multiple cars before agreeing to purchase.

Service and Parts

With so many new car dealerships, there are numerous service departments where you can have your vehicle serviced. Likewise, there are numerous parts departments where you can locate parts by your manufacturer.